Friday, July 20, 2007

First the Ambulance Chasers, Now the Patent Attorneys?

Stop the madness! Please, just stop it. Coming from someone who secretly wishes to be an attorney - this gives the legal industry a bad name. From our friends at Techdirt, a story on patenting surgical techniques. What ever happened to just saving lives?? Oh, right. Medical Malpractice lawsuits....

Media Alert: TMI

From the sandy shores of Dewey Beach, I have to call attention to how outrageous the media has I am reading my feed from FoxNews, I see an important news article that catches my intrigue on how the current Administration is extending their Executive Priviledge to block DOJ from prosecuting any contempt of court charges brought about by Congress against Admin officials. This is mind-boggling to me in that its writing new precendents in our legal process and is basically an abuse of power, but interesting and a brilliant attempt at delay and I look forward to see if anyone in Congress will challenge it. Then, my wandering eyes see the next news article - weighed with the same importance..."President Bush to have Colonoscopy on Saturday." Ok, seriously? TMI! Did I need to know this? Who cares - every American at his age should be having one, but does it need to make national news? Is this relevant to national security or foreign policy? Is it an issue to be debated in the upcoming elections? NO. NO. NO. Talk about an egregious abuse of power - the media really needs to get their sh*t straight or they are no better than the Administration! Off the soapbox, done ranting, headed to the beach!