Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Aruba - The Happy Island! Bon Bini!

Checking in from Aruba. I swore I wasn't going to blog while enjoying my honeymoon, but what's a girl to do when she misses her blog? ;) So a few thoughts on our honeymoon to date:

In the first few days, we spent the days in the sun, surf and sand. We got up and worked out (yes!), took yoga and stretch classes, then to the beach - all of which are just a few feet from each other. Rob taught me to snorkel, which totally messes with your senses. Put your face in the water and breathe?? What's wrong with that idea? But, once I got the hang of it, I was a little fish! I am even now the proud owner of my own set of snorkel gear - fins included!

We also headed off to Rancho Notorious on Wednesday for a guided horseback ride through the desert out to the ocean. My horse, Marlena, was a bit of a fiesty one and quite inquisitive as she was far more interested in going off trail and staying focused and following the horse in front of her - DH claims we were well matched. The ride is nothing I can even begin to describe - although I can say we rode through a catcus forest - yes forest. Catci so thick you couldn't see light through it! A very likely spot for hiding a body... just saying...

DH got PADI-certified and did 4 dives! He's off to another one tomorrow - with a local dive shop - not with a tourist group. Should be amazing. What you can see under the water is unbelievable - and I would know since yesterday, we went on an underwater dive to 130ft in a submarine! Yep - its was so impressive. The colors of the fish that you see - wow! And we saw a moray eel - up close and personal. Ick!

We've toured both Palm Beach and Oranjestad extensively and have eaten out every night. I have to endorse Yemanche. While we've been to many recommended places - both by locals and our concierege - this restaurant is the only one worthy of five out of five blondes. It was outstanding and we plan to return before we leave!!

Oh, did I mention that gouda must be the national cheese, since they use it on EVERYTHING! I am a bit suspicious that in one meal where we ordered a caprese salad - we got what I will affectionately refer to as "gouda-rella" which was quite good! Not mozzarella, but a surprisingly nice twist on the traditional.

Lots of other things to write about and pictures to post, but that will have to wait til the next post! Off to snorkel and initiate my new gear!

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