Friday, November 5, 2010

TODAY: You & Stroehmann Can Help Fight Hunger in Philly

Well, after quite a hiatus I am back and ne'er a second too soon. I have an important initiative to let my dear readers know about. And, it's especially important, since National Sandwich day was this week.

Stroehmann Bakeries is again this year supporting the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger through an important initiative called Nourishing Neighbors. Last year, Stroehmann was able to donate more than $100,000 to GPCAH. This year, they hope to surpass that number.

How can you help? Easy as PB&J! Go to your local Giant TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY. Buy Stroehmann Dutch Country or King bread. 10 cents from each loaf will be donated to GPCAH. They in turn will help to stock the food pantries in and around the Philadelphia region. This means you directly, by making your favorite sandwich or French toast (yum!), help to feed a hungry neighbor. It could be your next door neighbor. Hunger in our area doesn't mean emaciated Ethiopian children. It means the dad who skips his dinner so that his daughter can eat that night. It means moms feeding "junk food" instead of fresh vegetables because that's all she can afford.

This is such an easy thing to do. Take the few minutes to run over to Giant and buy that loaf of Stroehmann. It may mean much more to someone else than you. Do it today! This chance ends COB Saturday.

And on Thanksgiving, remember to give extra thanks for what's on your table this year.

Full Disclosure: I work with Crane Communications who is the agency of record for Stroehmann Bakeries on this initiative. I feel lucky to be both personally and professionally involved in this effort. It's not often you get to lend your professional talents to a cause you believe in so strongly on a personal level.

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