Friday, September 12, 2008

Cupcake Contest Update: Rules for Entering

Things are progressing nicely for DC's 1st Annual Cupcake Contest.  We've had tremendous response from both contestants as well as attendees - should be a great event!  Here is a full list of the rules for entering and competing in the contest.  As well as a reminder for when/where the event will be held.

When: Thursday, September 25 6:30 - 8:30 pm (contestants will have prior access)
Where: The Washington Club - 15 Dupont Circle

Contest entry and submission rules
1.     3 categories for entry – Professional; Amateur; Out of Town
2.     No entry fees.  No monetary or collateral winnings.
3.     Each contestant will enter three submissions.     
§  Chocolate cupcake with white icing
§  Yellow cupcake with chocolate icing
§  Wildcard
4.     Icing style and flavor is not limited although it is highly encouraged to adhere to traditional expectations (i.e. if a customer ordered a chocolate cupcake with white icing, they would not be expecting to receive a bittersweet chocolate cupcake with hazelnut flavored icing).
5.     The ‘wildcard’ submission is not limited to flavor or style – show your best work.  What would put your cupcakes on the map?
6.     All cupcakes must be homemade and made from scratch (no boxed submissions – i.e. Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines).  All contestants certify their submissions adhere to these rules.
7.     Cupcakes will be judged on flavor, taste, and texture, not on decorating.  While creatively decorated submissions are allowed and encouraged, this will not be taken into consideration.
8.     The size of the cupcake is not limited although traditional (not mini or oversized) is recommended.
9.     Each contestant should provide at least ½ dozen cupcakes for each of the three submissions for judging purposes.
10.  It is also encouraged that contestants offer sampling opportunities for attendees.  This is your chance to get your product in front of numerous people for honest feedback and suggestions. 
§  Sample sizing is not limited – minis are suggested.
§  Any products or materials needed for sampling are the responsibility of the contestant (i.e. napkins, small disposable plates etc.)
11.  Contestants will be provided space to set up.  All other materials necessary are the responsibility of the contestants.
12.  All signage or other promotional collateral is allowed; although it should be of limited size and tastefully respectful.  The Club reserves the right to refuse signage.
13.  No onsite sales are allowed.  Information exchange for future orders is allowed.
14.  Any use of nuts must be indicated upfront prior to any tasting or judging. 
§       Samples containing nuts must have signage at the contestant’s table alerting attendees.
§       Any other questionable ingredients that may cause allergies must be disclosed to all parties.
15.  Trash receptacles will be provided for contestants’ use.
16.  Beverages (both alcoholic and non) will be provided.  Beer, wine, and spirits will have a charge.  Contestants may also provide their own non-alcoholic beverages for sampling purposes only (i.e. milk, hot chocolate, etc.)
Any other questions or clarifications, please post here!  These rules were developed and crafted from all of the great input and questions asked by contestants to date.  Any changes or amendments to these rules will be posted here prior to the event.


  1. So, how does one enter the Cupcake Contest? Just show up? Must one register beforehand or at the event?

  2. I have the same question as aims.
    Do we just show up at the competition? Or do we have to register beforehand somewhere? Is there any form to fill out?

  3. How do you register to attend, or can you just show up? Is there a fee to attend?

  4. is it tooo late to enter?? this was so great i just did a brief post on my blog, so feel free to answer there so others may see if/how to get involved with this contest

  5. ditto the above question -- can you just show up with your three kinds of cupcakes?


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