Thursday, July 31, 2008

J. Crew's Mea Culpa

It's highly unusual that a corporate retailer apologizes. With that said, I've always thought of J. Crew as an extraordinary retailer. I love them - full disclosure. So, imagine my delight when I received this in both my office and my personal inboxes:

Wow, I'll remain a loyal customer. This issue did not affect me in anyway, but I like to know that a company not only recognizes its mistakes and takes measures to correct them, but that they also acknowledge those mistakes with an apology. Keep up the good work J. Crew!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

JABFEST: Tuesday Time-Waster

I'm having waaaay too much fun participating in JabFest today on Facebook. Check it out! You can insult anyone with the craziest most insane slurs! My personal favorite is "crusty eared mouthy pirate!" I highly recommend taking 30 seconds to stop what you are doing and hurl some insults. You know you want to. Take out your aggression in a safe and fun way that won't get you arrested for assault or harrassment. While you are at it - add Muttonhead as your friend on Facebook as well - I have a feeling he's got more tricks hidden in those chops of his!

And for those of you not on Facebook - you can play too! Check it out:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Riblet! Riblet!

Not RIBBIT like a toad..."Riblet" like a cat - a cat that tweets! Not a bird, a cat! A cat on Twitter!! Can you believe it? Check it out: or read Aragonesque's post on about a cat taking over Twitter. PetKnows also covered the story. Morris ain't got nothin' on Riblet!