Friday, June 20, 2008

Cupcakes v. Wedding Cakes

I've been getting many inquiries about the status of the Cupcake-off Contest. It's still on. In fact, I nailed down the venue and was in the process of confirming the date when I unexpectedly got engaged!!! So, of late, the focus has shifted from cupcakes to wedding cakes, dresses, locations, etc! Stay tuned for more on the Cupcake Contest - I will resume work on that shortly.

Duke Wins It!

DC has announced the "winner" of the image to be presented on the District's personalized quarter. After a fierce competition with Frederick Douglass and Benjamin Banneker, the Washington Post reports, that Duke Ellington will be the new face of DC. Go Duke! Hats off to the man!

Ice Cream Always Helps!

Well, as I crawl back to my desk to start up the blogging hill again, I think a little ice cream might offer some inspiration.... particularly if you can put it in a PINK huggy!! Check this out from Slashfood:
And you can buy it for a mere $7.95 investment (free shipping if you have Amazon Prime)