Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Policy Refresher: Commenting on Blonde's I-View

To all my dear readers and followers:
  • First - THANK YOU!  Thank you for following, reading and responding.  It is your voice that keeps me going and keeps Blonde's I-View interesting.
  • Second - This is not an anonymous blog - I tell you who I am - in a pretty detailed 'about me' section for that matter.  I ask that you tell me who you are.  I don't need a bio - just a name.  Doesn't even have to be your real name; it can be your online persona's name.  The more info you are willing to share the better, IMO.  My personal view is that hiding behind the anonymity of the internet is cowardly.  Don't say something on my blog that you wouldn't say to me in real life, looking me in the eye.
  • Third - Not all comments get published.  Comments that cannot curse words, spam, border on or cross the line into defamation, etc or are just plain false will not get published.  It is for these reasons that I have a comment moderation feature in place.
  • Fourth - It is my right to publish or not publish comments - I tend to err on the side of publishing if you are willing to take ownership of your comments; not publishing when you don't.  But I do, as the owner of this blog, reserve the right to not publish a comment for any reason I choose.
  • Fifth - Opposing views to my own do not factor into the decision whether or not to publish comments.
I hope that you will continue to read and interact with Blonde's I-View.   I'd love to hear your thoughts on my policy and about the comment policy you have instituted on your blog!

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