Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Legal Driving Age Made 21!!

As a follow up to my previous post on texting while driving and that the MD Legislature, having lost that battle, will now be going after just teen drivers to ban them from texting while driving. I've now learned that Virginia is going after teen drivers making stronger penalties for drunk driving offenses - just for teens.
What's up with the assault on teen drivers?! I totally understand pinching them for speeding or seatbelt wearing. But how is drunk driving or texting while driving any different for a teen than an adult? Its not, IMO. So, if this continues, why don't they just move the driving age to 21 or 25 for that matter?! And, who is representing teens' rights in these situations?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Texting While Driving - Legal in MD!

I just have to post a quick comment on this article posted on WTOP.  Proposed legislation banning text messaging while driving was shot down because MD lawmakers felt that texting didn't warrant its own law...  

Ok, so first, let me say, I sometimes text while driving, so I'm not a huge proponent of banning it, but if it happens I won't be outraged.  Its like seatbelts, I don't really love wearing them, but I do it because the consequences are far worse than the mild annoyance of the belt itself.  Ok, disclaimer over.  

So, the main point here is that MD lawmakers - had they known the first thing about technology, specifically, the multiple features and uses of cell phones, would have written the law to incorporate all uses of cell phones while driving in the first place!  But, no... they had to jump in reaction to constituent pressure and get a law on the books right away without doing the proper research.... So, the proposed ban that would incorporate texting gets shot down.  

So, their response is that they are now going to try to get it passed just for younger drivers.  Um - what?  Ok, so if I am looking down at my phone, texting while driving, am I any less dangerous than a 16 year old just because I've been driving longer?!?!  NO!  I still see can't see the road, regardless of my age!  God, I think you need to be certifiably stupid to write laws in Maryland.  And - I won't even go on about my opinions of the skills of Maryland drivers...that's a whole other post!!!  

Link It & Track It: DwarfURL Review

Saw this review of DwarfURL on one of my favorite sites, Mashable.  Very cool application that I can see myself using in multiple ways.  Its basically TinyURL with stats so you can see how effective your link is and its nice for your readers because, like TinyURL, it shortens those obnoxiously length URLs.  

While reading through the comments in reaction to Mashable's "TinyURL + Stats = DwarfURL" article, several readers shared other similar services, including ones that allow the ability to select the label of the URL after the back slash.  I love that!  Here is a quick compilation of the other services mentioned.  

Which do you use and why do you like it?

Obama Girl Ain't Got Nothin' on OBAMARAMA

I discovered the site, SenatorObamas, from a Twitter post by @Rystique. It is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! All the fun ways to hack up Obama's name. Obamarama is my personal favorite. With Unabama and GI Joebama rounding out the top three. What's yours?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Movie Review: Vantage Point

The BF & I went to see Vantage Point over the weekend. Both being big fans of thrillers, I fully expected that we would love this movie. Forrest Whittaker is always amazing and Dennis Quaid tends to deliver a solid performance. I was also looking forward to seeing that cute Matthew Fox in a big screen performance. Expecting a Bourne Identity type suspense thriller, what I ended up with was much more of a Die Hard type experience. The BF was happy with Vantage Point. I, sadly, was not. It was predictable, too unrealistic (I mean really, Dennis Quaid is way too old to be bouncing back from bomb explosions, car accidents, etc.) and generally left me wishing I had my hour and a half back.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sale!! 2 Days Only! Cutest Gift Site - EVER!

I absolutely LOVE this site and all of her things on here. CCC Gifts is my first stop when I am looking for a unique, memorable, and cute gift. And, she's got a great sale going on right now. What better time to try it out? Sale ends 2/22/08, so don't wait! Order now!

To take advantage of the 10% off, please be sure to enter the coupon code "newproducts" at check out.

Food Prices Go Up, CPA Blogger Has Crazy, Unrealistic Solutions

I have to say I am a bit offended by Tracy Coenen's article on WalletPop about ways to cut back financially to offset the recent increase in the cost of food. Her suggestions are ridiculous. And, I typically consider myself to be frugal-minded (that doesn't always translate to my spending habits), as I certainly know how to squeeze the most out of a dollar. Tracy cites a study from the US DOL detailing a recent sharp rise in the cost of consumer goods/food. She goes on to state that she feels its not a big deal - that parents/families should start cutting back, saying "First, mom and dad can still save money by cutting out unnecessary things like eating out, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, entertainment outside the home, and making unnecessary trips in the car." Unnecessary things? Clearly this woman has never tried giving up cigarettes or cutting out alcohol. Sometimes after a long day a nice glass of wine is the most cost-effective way to treat yourself. And, just go cold turkey on ciggies? Has this woman ever realized that cigarettes are an ADDICTION?!?

This is my favorite part, "Grocery shoppers should be looking for alternatives that are less expensive that what they've been eating, plain and simple. Families can stretch their food dollars by being creative with leftovers and using less expensive ingredients to bulk up recipes."

Oh, ok Ms. Coenen - that makes sense. Let's replace all the healthy foods that we are trying to give our kids/families that might cost more like fruits, veggies, various meats, whole grains, etc. and find the cheap foods (read: processed, full of trans fats, sugar, sodium, etc.) to save a penny. Why don't you just advocate supporting obesity??

She does go on to point out some smart shopping habits like coupons and planning ahead, but I would still challenge that by saying - if you are so strapped for cash, you've probably canceled your newspaper subscription (forget the coupons!) and rely on your work computer for internet access so, forget having enough time to research online sales & coupons - you need to keep that job, not goofing off!

And, finally, let's talk about time. It takes time, lady. Time to do all this planning, shopping, coupon snipping, walking instead of taking "unnecessary trips in the car," most parents I know don't have that kind of time with jobs, caring for the kids, keeping a house and paying bills. While I think its a good idea, its just not realistic in most people's worlds.

I think there are multiple ways to save $ that can offset the increase in food costs without these suggestions. One way that makes a big impact and doesn't take much time at all is to turn off lights, set the heat back a few degrees, unplug appliances when not in use. For those of you looking for ways to save (for whatever reason) that won't take a chunk of time and really will have an impact on your wallet and possibly the environment, there are tons of Frugal Living blogs out there - read those. They are written by people who know how to "stretch a dollar." They aren't CPAs that is spouting off textbook ways to save $$. They are people who live frugally day in and day out and are willing to share their tried and tested ways. Some of my favorite sites and blogs are these:

Five Cent Nickel
Frugal Living by Frugal Guy
Thrifty Fun
Thrift Store Whore
Money Saving Mom
Mighty Bargain Hunter
Saving Advice
Wise Bread
Bargain Queens

Phillipinos Giving The Irish a Run for their Money?

Being the good Irish girl that I am, I am quite proud of my heritage - and of being on the Varsity Team of Beer Drinkers. So, as you can imagine, I was a little surprised when I saw this article straight from the Phillipine Inquirer. Apparently, Phillipino natives are quite the big drinkers. Who knew? Apparently, their love of drinking has inspired this gentleman to develop VITAMIN BEER. As if all of the vitamin-enhanced waters out there, just aren't good enough. Hmmm. I fully expected to see this as a staple of 30-something partiers at the world-famous Starboard in coming summers. And, since its fortified with Vitamin-B, I wonder if that will reduce the effects of a hangover??

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It figures. I'd post about someone else's misfortunes and the toe illness that befell them and damn if I don't go and get sick myself! I think I was jinxed by Fate herself. I acquired what I affectionately like to refer to as "The Funk." It's that mysterious, highly-contagious illness that presents every symptom known to man - somewhat of a hybrid, morphed, cold-flu-respiratory infection with a dash of migraine thrown in for good measure. Never the less, I got it. I fought it. It won. I was down for the count for four days. It was the quietest four days in recent history. I will never again make fun of others' creative call-outs.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Best Sick Day Call - EVER!

This is quoted verbatim from one of our staff members who will be working from home today. Absolutely hilarious. If all employees could be this creative....

"Today I will not be able to make in into the office. An unfortunate big toe condition has left said toe very swollen and tender, and its not really an option to walk on it today. Tomorrow will (hopefully) be better, even if I show up in flip flops or something. I apologize for such late notice, as I wanted to see how it felt in the morning before I made this decision. I tried calling you @ 8:20, but I spose you were not at your desk. If you would like to reach me, XXX-XXX-XXXX, also MSN. I do volunteer to work from home today, as I am not sick, I just have a flat toe-tire."

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Product Review: Flat Earth Apple Cinnamon Chips

Outrageous. Fantabulous. Extraordinary. Addictive. Let's just say that I LOVE these things. The new Flat Earth chips - fantastically good and only 130 calories for 14 (FOURTEEN) chips. It's my new favorite indulgence.

Try it now with a coupon for a free bag! (FYI - its redeemable at the store - no mail ins required!)

Steal Your Face Right Off Obama's Head!

I've been trying to avoid offering too much commentary on the current primaries, particularly since I am leaning toward a candidate that is not of the party I typically vote for...but I couldn't help myself when I saw this. A Grateful Dead reunion to benefit Obama - is it 1968 or 2008? Wow. As a lifelong Dead Head, I am proud to see that Bobby, Mickey, and Phil have found their roots and are getting into the political game! I think I might just fall in line.

And, check out the set list - it may well be one of my favorite mash-ups of Dead songs...

"Let the words be yours, I am done with mine..."

Friday, February 1, 2008

Breaking News: Natalee Holloway Case Solved?

Dutch reporter, Peter deVries, is reporting that he has solved the case of the mysterious death of Natalee Holloway while vacationing in Aruba, after a lenghty "undercover" investigation he conducted. He's turned over his evidence to the Dutch authorities. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

New Power Couple: Hillary Dumps Bill For Obama

After last night's love fest between HIllary and Barack, I think the new power couple is Hillary and Barack, not Hillary and Bill. They conceivably could storm the White House together - instead of one or the other. Can you imagine? If they team up - one as President and the other as VP - I feel they would be unstoppable. Talk about change agents! The first woman and the first black man in tbe White House! John McCain doesn't even stand a chance.... Stay tuned...