Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wuthering Werewolves? Heathcliff - A Vampire?

Given my new fascination with all things Twilight, when I saw this post on the Identity Theory blog (via @ChrisBrogan) I couldn't help but let my mind wonder...was Heathcliff a vampire? Was he Edward Cullen of another era? Was Catherine Earnshaw really just Bella in Victorian garb?

The ages are about right. Heathcliff's brooding nature is certainly a vampiric characteristic. The teen angst is thick enough to cut with a knife within Wuthering Heights if you read it with that in mind. And, I agree with James Warner's theory that Heathcliff's "time away" could explain what happened... just sayin'... Here is Mr. Warner's take on it: "One disturbing thing about Heathcliff is his complete disappearance for a few years, before returning transformed, with “upright carriage” and a manner “quite divested of roughness,” not to mention a sudden facility for cards and the determination to systematically ruin all who have wronged him. If this was a fairy-tale, Heathcliff would appear to have sold his soul to the Devil – instead the explanation we're offered is the speculation that he may have been in the Army, although this seems like something it would have been easy enough for the other characters to check up on, which they never do."

But, Mr. Warner and I are not the only ones who think this... TL Stone has a great essay explaining the possibilites as well. What are your thoughts? Could Heathcliff be the precursor for Edward Cullen? Were vampires alive and well in 19th century Brit Lit?

The photos portraying Heathcliff over the years certainly support the theory, particularly this one:
Ralph Finnes as Heathcliff circa 1995:
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