Thursday, March 20, 2008

YouTube Used in WMATA's Peep Show

Yep, even the DC Metro is getting into the Social Media/Video Sharing arena. Unbelievable. Its bizarrely intriguing though that the WMATA spokesperson just thought it might be a fun idea to use Peeps (an easter candy favorite) to encourage Nationals fans to take the metro to the new stadium because of already limited parking. I saw this first on WJLA (thanks Leon Harris!) and found the "Peep Show" by MetroOpensDoors on DCist. Check it out - not only is it amusing, but its consumer generated content leveraged by business at its finest. A shining example of what I wish agencies and clients dabbling in the social media world would get - a viral video doesn't have to have a lot of creativity and $$ behind it - just some originality.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DC Gun Ban No Good, Says U.S. Supreme Court - Go Arm Yourself!

Oh, wait - that was just me wishful thinking...  But, the good news is that the Supreme Court is doing a thorough review of the stupidest law ever written = DC's ban on guns, thanks to the Cato Institute.  Having read every line of the legislation, I feel I am empowered to call it stupid - and poorly written for that matter, regardless of what side you support.  I personally support my Second Amendment rights  I hope that the Supreme Beings use common sense... more on that later...

Obama On Race, Bear Sterns Collapses - I missed it all!

My poor neglected blog! I am completely immersed in 3 GIANT client deliverables and two new projects and thus, haven't had a moment to read news or do any searching online. I'm so out of it! I was last to find out the Bear Sterns went bust, apparently Obama made some speech on race and I missed it all (check out huffpost for full text)!! I promise to come back and post interesting, thought-provoking content just as soon as get these out the door!

One final thought to ponder in my absence: is Obama becoming the next Martin Luther King, Jr.? An icon of equality for generations to come?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Blonde's I-REview: Today's Favorite Sites

Just a few of my favorite sites from today's blogosphere review:

MyGroceryDeals - load in your grocery list and find the best deals for each item based on your local stores weekly deals!!  Thanks to BeCentsable for doing the original review! - forget all that meal planning - low-cal, low-carb, high-protein - its all too much to try to plan a healthy balanced diet.  Now Uncle Sam will do it for you!  Featuring a menu planner, a eating tracker, tons of resources all wrapped up in an easy-to-use format... - a new way to keep up with all the most popular bloggers in any given category.  Great for viewing who is covering breaking stories or to gather quick links to certain bloggers.  Also a great time waster. :)