Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Cupcake Coma!

As I lay here dying... I thought I would share the details of the cupcake-induced coma in which I find myself. On a whim, a co-worker of mine and I ventured into Georgetown in search of a sweet treat to satisfy our mid-afternoon slump. Somehow she convinced me to give Georgetown Cupcake a second chance (to which I reluctantly agreed?!?!) After trying to navigate down narrow Potomac Street and being very frustrated by delivery trucks taking up all the parking spots, I was mildly encouraged because the line was the smallest I'd ever seen - only extending out to the front step. It was all good til I saw the last guy in line - leave. Never a good sign. So, I rolled down my car window and asked how long he'd been waiting. He responded, "Not long, but I hate lines!" As a long-line-hater myself, I took off and headed straight to Baked & Wired, secured parking easily, waited in a minimal line of 3 people and ordered my cupcakes. How easy was that? Super easy! So, I trekked back to the office and devour the chocolate birthday cupcake with vanilla icing. The cake itself (which I cut the bottom off so as to give the cake itself a fair evaluation sans the sweetness of the icing) was nothing short of delectable. Really. Moist but not flaky - it stood up nicely to my knife. Very chocolately, but not overpowering. I would have been happy with the cupcake bottom by itself, but the white icing was a like a little cloud of heaven. I'm in love and in a coma right now.

And, I told the lady waiting on me about the Cupcake-Off - she was really excited and told me who to get in touch with to set it up. Yay!

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