Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dear Comcast - I'd Like to Unsubscribe from Political Ads...

While I am a marketer at heart, I have to say that the political ads have gotten to me.  They are in heavy rotation which means a substantial ad money = TONS of money being spent to annoy the hell out of me.  What particularly irritates me is the negativity and falsified "facts."  First you see Obama's campaign slamming McCain on taxes.  Within 30-60 seconds you see McCain on the TV talking about Obama's affiliation with Ayers.  Or how we're about to elect the "least experienced person ever" to the Oval Office.  What's a girl to believe?  Not these ads, for sure.  The back and forth is like watching a tennis match and my neck is getting sore!  Unsubscribe please!!

So, in looking for an alternative solution, I've come up with this - political ads should be opt-in.  You notify your cable company whether or not you want these ads and if so, which party or both.  At anytime, you can opt-out.  The political campaigns would only pay for the ads run.  Seems like it would save a TON of money in campaign spending.  Money that could be better served in charitable works or in some way "giving back."  Seems like a good solution to me.

"Hello Comcast?  Please unsubscribe me from the political ads right away.  Yep, ALL of them.  Thanks. See ya, Bye!"

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