Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Minute Suites: Lay-over Luxury?

I have read about these Minute Suites and I'm thrilled to see that they have finally made it to the US. The thought of trying one out is motivating enough to make me lift my ban on flying through Hartsfield (Atlanta, GA). The only thing not addressed in this article is the availability of the suites. I wonder how many people will be using them and if you need to reserve ahead of time. Or maybe its just that I would use them every time that leads me to believe that there would be a wait to get one - at $30/hr - that wait might be only in my imagination.

If you have tried a Minute Suite, please leave a comment on your experience.

Minute Suites: Rest and Recharge, Airport Style – WebWorkerDaily
Between security hassles and being charged fees for everything but the oxygen we breathe on board a plane, air travel has become something to be endured rather than enjoyed. But a new service that recently opened in Atlanta Hartsfield airport, called Minute Suites, wants to serve as travelers’ oasis from the stress of life traveling the unfriendly skies...

The Minute Suites host on duty when I arrived, Michael, was cheery and welcoming despite the extremely early hour and my jet-lagged, exhausted demeanor. He lead me to my suite and gave me a tour of its amenities.

Minute Suites are 7ft x 8ft units that are entered through a sliding door. I was told the five suites are sanitized between each use. Each suite is furnished with a sofa that pulls out into a bed, and a desk with a chair. The suites could easily accommodate three adults or two adults and two children.

Be sure to read the WebWorkerDaily post for the full details...

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  1. You can stop by Minute Suites 24 hours a day as a walk-in and reserve a suite, call 404-762-7660 or reserved online. Reservations are encouraged but not required and usually you can get a room. This was a test location and will be expanding to other concourses to accomodate overflow soon. Please consider staying with us, once you experience our private suite, you'll be asking for a Minute Suite at every airport you're delayed.
    Lanelle, VP of Marketing at Minute Suites.


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