Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For Mother's Day: A Profile of the Ultimate Mother - Carolyn Savage

Since Mother's Day is this upcoming weekend and I sit here, today, 3 weeks away from my own little one's arrival, I'd like to take a moment to honor someone who is an amazing role model for all mothers. 

Motherhood is defined as a sacrifice.  From the moment you realize that you are pregnant, you start making decisions, hard decisions because they are in the best interest of your child, and often these are made at the expense of what you want.  Sacrifice becomes an easy word to say and to live. 
Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News
Carolyn Savage has made the ultimate sacrifice and therefore wins the first-ever Blonde's I-View #1 Mom award.  Do you have a #1 Mom, you'd like to see featured on Blonde's I-View?  Send me the story!

Here's Carolyn's story - in brief:
Carolyn & Sean Savage went through IVF at the same time and in the same clinic as Shannon & Paul Morrell.  This was Carolyn's last chance at having another child, as doctors had told her due to her medical conditions it was no longer safe for her to try to carry a pregnancy. 

Soon after the IVF treatment, she found out she was pregnant - but not with her own child, with the Morrells.  There had been a mix up with the embryos and Carolyn was implanted with the wrong one.   No one could fault the Savages if they wanted to terminate, but that's not the hard decision Carolyn made.  She decided to carry the baby to term and then WILLINGLY hand over the child to its true parents, the Morrells. 

As someone who has been told that my pregnancy has been 'easy,' let me tell you - if this is easy, I wouldn't want to see hard.  Pregnancy is a marathon of stumbles and obstacles and I still don't understand why people think this is a good idea.  It's damn hard on a good day.  I see it more as a means to an end.  So, my respect for someone who was desperately trying to conceive their own child, with no luck, who would carry a child for nearly 10 months for SOMEONE ELSE, is beyond words.  Only a MOTHER could do something so selfless. 

You can read the story from the perspective of the Morrells here.  They were quoted on the Today Show this morning, saying that this book was written as a thank you to the Savages.

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