Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Conspiracy in Glover Park? *Updated*

Late last night, the Gentlemen's Club (read: strip club) known as JP's caught on fire, reaching a two-alarm status. It resulted in a total shut-down of Wisconsin Avenue this morning, causing the Georgetown/Glover Park morning rush to be more enjoyable and challenging than normal. I think it's particularly interesting that this is the second "fire event" at a strip club in the GP in the last few months. While I don't think these two are related, it does bring to mind the ongoing troubles between the GPCA (Glover Park Citizens Association) and these establishments, particularly over the expansion of Good Guys. So, who might benefit? The GPCA and the neighborhood gets rid of an "unsavory" establishment. The owner gets an insurance settlement and no longer needs to deal with the headaches from the residents. Both parties stand to gain. Likely there is no conspiracy here in GP, but it certainly is coincidental.

Updated: Thanks to a Chris over at GloverParkDC, here's the background on the Strip Clubs v. GPCA...

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