Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama On Race, Bear Sterns Collapses - I missed it all!

My poor neglected blog! I am completely immersed in 3 GIANT client deliverables and two new projects and thus, haven't had a moment to read news or do any searching online. I'm so out of it! I was last to find out the Bear Sterns went bust, apparently Obama made some speech on race and I missed it all (check out huffpost for full text)!! I promise to come back and post interesting, thought-provoking content just as soon as get these out the door!

One final thought to ponder in my absence: is Obama becoming the next Martin Luther King, Jr.? An icon of equality for generations to come?

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  1. Wow - Obama as the next MLK? Now that's bold. Be careful - you wouldn't want that taken out of context and have another Jesse Jackson - Clinton comparison spin attack.....

    Regardless - whatever Obama does in the future, its going to be historic. Thats just how he is!


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