Thursday, March 20, 2008

YouTube Used in WMATA's Peep Show

Yep, even the DC Metro is getting into the Social Media/Video Sharing arena. Unbelievable. Its bizarrely intriguing though that the WMATA spokesperson just thought it might be a fun idea to use Peeps (an easter candy favorite) to encourage Nationals fans to take the metro to the new stadium because of already limited parking. I saw this first on WJLA (thanks Leon Harris!) and found the "Peep Show" by MetroOpensDoors on DCist. Check it out - not only is it amusing, but its consumer generated content leveraged by business at its finest. A shining example of what I wish agencies and clients dabbling in the social media world would get - a viral video doesn't have to have a lot of creativity and $$ behind it - just some originality.

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