Friday, December 12, 2008

Dizzy Blonde: A Whole New Meaning

This is just a cute little personal tale about the beginning of my week... so after fighting off a cold the previous week, I finally succumbed to it Sunday.  I was down for the count on Monday.  By Tuesday I was sure I would feel better. 

Well...not exactly.  I jumped out of bed Tuesday morning, anxious to get back to work and tackle the increasing pile of things that was surely growing in my absence.  Then I fell over.  Yes, that's right.  I fell over, righted myself and then had to grab on to the bed to steady myself.  Dear Lord!  What did I drink last night?  And, why am I STILL drunk?  Oh.  Wait.  I'm not.  I didn't drink.  In fact, I haven't imbibed at all since last Thursday at KPT.  UH-OH!  This can mean only one thing!  INNER EAR INFECTION!

And, the reality (read: panic) set in - as I bounced from hallway wall to wall making my way clumsily to the bathroom - that I had VERTIGO.  It's a complete loss of balance - your equilibrium is totally off, rendering you completely helpless.  Without boring you with the rest of the details about my day's stay in the pseudo-ER and my visit iwth the wackiest (read: quackiest) doctor in the DC metro, I will summarize by saying I was given a diagnosis of Meniere's Disease.  It sounds a whole lot worse than it is.  (I promise, Mom!) So, I now have defined dizzy blonde in yet another way!  :)

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