Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mystery of Life Solved! NatGeo Explains Why Puppies & Kitties are So Cute!

I recently was contacted by the National Geographic Channel to review an upcoming documentary called "In the Womb." Its part of an ongoing series. In this latest version, there are two episodes - one with puppies; one with kittens - documenting their evolution from conception to shortly after birth. At first I was a little put off - still scarred from those videos of human births I had to suffer through in high school. As soon as I received the advanced copy, my tune changed. The pictures on the DVD cover were adorable! Who would have imagined that kitten & puppy fetuses could be cute - and much much more adorable than human fetuses!

As expected from a NatGeo documentary, they've done an intriguing job of following simultaneous conceptions - domestic cats compared to lions; and common puppy breeds compared to wolves. I learned a lot from this documentary - especially how similar our pets are at conception to their wild relatives. NatGeo details the similarities and also the point at which they diverge, one becoming a domesticated, cuddly pet - the other a fearsome predator. Super cute factor: 10+, especially when the fetuses begin to "practice" their skills and you watch them running, grooming and stretching - all inside the womb! Poor mama cat!

IMO, this is a must-see presentation. Its on TONIGHT, Sunday, January, 4 on the NatGeo Channel. Puppies can be previewed at 8pm and kitties at 9pm (EST.) Whether you have a pet or not, this is an interesting and quick-paced watch. If you catch it, please be sure to stop back here at PetKnows - we'd love to hear what you think!

Puppies v. Wolf Pups

Full disclosure: This is a repost from the pet blog to which I contribute: PetKnows. The original post can be found here.

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