Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama Inauguration Poorly Planned

While I will be out of town for the actual festivities, thank god, as a citizen of the District who works across the bridge, I have a NUMBER of questions for the Inaugural Planning team responsible for street closures.  I will for the sake of this blog post assume that is being handle jointly between DC law enforcement and the Secret Service. 

I heard on the news today that all Potomac bridges will be closed to personal traffic/cars.  So... here are a few scenarios that I have thought of quickly off of the top of my head that might pose a problem.  I'm wondering if the planning committee has considered these.  Or if they have an have decided security is more important.  That would send quite a message at the beginning of the new administration. Obama's security is far more important that your emergency.  Sorry.  So much for "change."  Welcome to DC, the new police state - until further notice.
  •  What about people who need emergency transport - like to get to a hospital or visit ill family members in an ICU? 
  • What about Meals on Wheels? 
  • What about if your dog gets hit by a car and you have to rush to a animal hospital?  
  • How will people who live in VA get into DC to attend the Inaugural Balls.  Surely, each person won't have a private car or taxi at their immediate disposal and will want to drive their own car.  Not everyone lives near a metro... 

There are several cases where you need to take a major road or bridge to accommodate an unforeseen emergency.  These very roads are going to be closed.  Will the police let you through or turn you away? 

I would love to hear your thoughts or other possible situations that you can think of that should be on this list.

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  1. I think that they are going a bit overboard with the amount of street closures, and I do worry a bit about what I will do if an emergency comes up that day (I am on Capitol Hill and every doctor or vet I would need to reach is in VA). But at the same time, no matter how many warnings are issued, people will try to drive into the city that day. So maybe it's for the best? Either way, I plan to not move my car from its current spot and walk everywhere, if I even go out into the cold that day.


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