Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shop More, Spend Less!

I am a confessed shopaholic. So I regularly read the Budget Fashionista blog. I just love it! Its all about affordable style without sacificing quality and how to do it on a budget. When I saw this recent post, I bookmarked it right away. BF details the top online auctions sites. What, you say, there's more than eBay? Who knew! Its was news to this pro-shopper too, so I thought I'd share. I've checked out a few of these sites and they are pretty great. I've listed a few below.

1. eBay (obvi)
2. Shop Goodwill (you'd be surprised at what great stuff they have)
3. Upper Bid (the eBay for luxury brands)

One thing to remember - many of these sites sell NEW brands with the tags, so its not all used clothing. Happy Bargain Hunting!

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  1. Shopping Online is not an easy task, need to take some considerable amount of information before buying an item. Thanks for sharing this info..


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