Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Crowe & Cherry Blossoms: A Great Weekend in Georgetown

A bit late to post this, but I couldn't help recapping my weekend.  The BF's mom was in town, so in typical fashion, I had planned a full weekend of events - the culmination of which was a scenic cruise on the Potomac to view the Cherry Blossoms without the torrents of tourists.  I was very excited and all-in-all it was a huge success.  What I had not planned, and truly could not have planned it better myself, was our accidental run-in with Russell Crowe

No lie!  Really! And he is WAY hotter in real life than on the big screen.  Even despite his scruffy attempt at being incognito.  He's taller than expected and exudes the intensity of blue eyes staring directly at the sun with no sunglasses on!  He kind of made me squint - in a good way.  I've recently seen American Gangster and 3:10 to Yuma - both of which he is stellar in!  I'm now officially a fan...

Out of deference and respect I restrained myself from approaching him (we were 10 feet away from each other at the most!) and introducing myself - but it was hard.  Look out Russ - next time, I will quickly remind you of our chance encounter on the streets of Georgetown!

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