Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Texting While Driving - Legal in MD!

I just have to post a quick comment on this article posted on WTOP.  Proposed legislation banning text messaging while driving was shot down because MD lawmakers felt that texting didn't warrant its own law...  

Ok, so first, let me say, I sometimes text while driving, so I'm not a huge proponent of banning it, but if it happens I won't be outraged.  Its like seatbelts, I don't really love wearing them, but I do it because the consequences are far worse than the mild annoyance of the belt itself.  Ok, disclaimer over.  

So, the main point here is that MD lawmakers - had they known the first thing about technology, specifically, the multiple features and uses of cell phones, would have written the law to incorporate all uses of cell phones while driving in the first place!  But, no... they had to jump in reaction to constituent pressure and get a law on the books right away without doing the proper research.... So, the proposed ban that would incorporate texting gets shot down.  

So, their response is that they are now going to try to get it passed just for younger drivers.  Um - what?  Ok, so if I am looking down at my phone, texting while driving, am I any less dangerous than a 16 year old just because I've been driving longer?!?!  NO!  I still see can't see the road, regardless of my age!  God, I think you need to be certifiably stupid to write laws in Maryland.  And - I won't even go on about my opinions of the skills of Maryland drivers...that's a whole other post!!!  

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  1. Hey, I just read your "tidbit" and thought you had some amazing points. One quick thing that I felt I should point out as a 16 year old (Maryland) driver is that in "Maryland - Drivers under 18 with a restricted license may not use a cell phone while driving. This includes hands-free cell phone use." (http://www.behandsfree.com/legislation.aspx)

    This obviously doesn't solve the whole problem but I don’t see how it's possible that lawmakers would be making a law "passed just for younger drivers" as you suggest since this law is already in place. If hand-free talking is deemed illegal, not to mention the fact that the law says minors "may not USE a cell phone" make me think that effectively, texting has already been banned for those under 18.

    Sorry if anything I've said is incorrect, again, I think the tidbit was really great--and yes, I do have a cell phone (though I rarely text.)

    **In case of emergency, however, drivers under 18 MAY dial 911**


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