Monday, April 14, 2008

Ann Taylor LOFT: A Blonde Moment!

Just because I have vehemently asserted that REAL blondes are SMART blondes, that doesn't mean that you can't experience "blonde moments"! (Note to others: you can only make fun of being "blonde" if you are a blonde, otherwise its offensive to the blonde.)

I was super excited as a colleague had passed only an Ann Taylor LOFT Friends & Family discount coupon for 25%. They are already having a significant %off sale, so coupled with this coupon, I could really super-size my savings. So, I printed off several copies of the coupon to share with my own friends and family and headed off to my local Ann Taylor LOFT (Rehoboth Beach, DE) with the BF. After circling the store several times and dragging dear BF along to hold my growing mountain of things, I searched out the dressing room, tried on several items, showed them off to the BF, and returned what I didn't want to the lady running the dressing room.

In an instant moment of kindness and sharing, I whipped out the extra coupons I had with me and passed them out to another cute blonde and her friend who were in the dressing room. Then, I gave a few to the random husbands and boyfriends milling about the door, fretting over their money being spent without their control. After feeling really good about having shared my discount with nearly everyone in the store, BF & I marched up to the counter and checked out. In another moment of kindness and compassion, the BF offered to pay!!! (And, this is why he is the best BF EVER! - among the many reasons...)

As I watched all of my sale items ring up, I proudly handed over my coupon and announced how I had received it. The clerk smiled and continued ringing my items. I turned and smiled at all the other Ann Taylor LOFT devotees standing in line behind me with my coupons in their hands, thinking how much I had helped them to save too. They all smiled back or nodded in appreciation. Man, was I feeling good!

Then the clerk showed me that I had saved over $77 and handed me back my coupon. I was beaming, the BF was thrilled too. Then, I explained sweetly to the clerk that she could throw my coupon out since today was the last day to use it and I wasn't planning on making any more purchases. Without skipping a beat, she sweetly explained right back to me that the coupon is good for NEXT THURSDAY - SUNDAY (4/17-20).

Doh!!! OMG! A blonde moment! And, everyone in line was going to realize within seconds how blonde I am!! Oh dear! The BF and I hightailed it out of there! I'm STILL embarrassed.

Have fun with that one - any nasty blonde comments from you my dear readers will be immediately DELETED!


  1. BF here, and I must say that, though a bit embarrassing for both of us as I had distributed a coupon to one of the other men in the store, it was funny. It had occured to me earlier, while J-Coll was handing out coupons to everyone in the store, that I should check with her to see if she had verified the validity of the coupon. I decided against making any comment because she's a professional shopper, right? Experienced shopper she is... BUT she is also a real blonde!

  2. Full disclosure: the BF is blonde too!


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