Monday, April 21, 2008

Cupcake Controversy Continued: NBC4 Gets in the Game

If you haven't already read (or tasted) there is a DC debate over cupcakes being cooked up.  Now, NBC4 has thrown their hat into the ring by conducting a cupcake taste-test.  The four cupcake contestants - Cakelove, Betty Crocker (homemade), Safeway (store-bought) and the over-priced Georgetown Cupcake.  First, let me say this unscientific test is skewed in that there is not an apples to apples comparison - IMO, you can't compare Safeway to Cakelove.  Please.  One is mass produced, one is gourmet.  That's like comparing a shopping experience at 7-11 to Whole Foods.  But, nevertheless, they went about it.  The results can be found here.  The fun part - no one seemed to think that Georgetown Cupcake is worth the price!  Um - duh!!!  What I would have rather seen them do is a cupcake to cupcake comparison - only bakery cupcakes.  Or, let's pit G'town CC against Magnolia and see which city wins cupcake honors...

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