Thursday, April 24, 2008

James Bond: A Conspiracy in Real Life?

Hmmmm - two serious car accidents in just four days while filming the new James Bond film in Italy - Quantum of Solace. The first, James' famed Aston Martin is accidentally driven off a cliff crashing into a lake below while being transported to the set for filming the next day. Allegedly due to rain-slicked road. The driver was ok. Then, just yesterday, two stunt drivers in an Alfa Romeo filming on what is likely the same windy Italian road, crash into a wall. One is seriously injured and airlifted (by a helicopter that happens to be on standby...) to the hospital; the other less seriously hurt. Neither of the stunt men's names are being released to the press. A bizarre coincidence? A trumped-up serious of 'accidents' to build buzz for the film? You decide. It reminds me of the series of accidents on the set of the Crow back in the day that ultimately led to Brandon Lee's death (son of Bruce Lee.) Ladies - Daniel Craig is just fine...for now.


  1. Weird. Reminds me of the guy who played Jesus in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." He was struck by lightning twice during filmy. Very creepy!

  2. @ablondeblogger - I didn't know that..VERY creepy. That movie is coming up on my Netflix list. Now, I have just ONE more reason to watch it. TX!!


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