Sunday, April 6, 2008

Safeway v. Peapod - A Blonde's I-REview of Grocery Delivery Service Sites

Being lazy all day, I thought I would have my groceries delivered to me - a quick and simple solution so I didn't have to get up off the couch today.  What a great idea!  After spending some time on to get organized and comparison shop the items I needed at the local store, I selected Safeway - they had the best deals on the things I needed or the coupons I had.  And off I went to the land of cyber-grocery shopping.  Much to my chagrin, the website was not so user-friendly.  I could have shopped the Social Safeway, waited in its horrendous lines, and been back on the couch faster than just trying to get my list loaded and matching my products to those instore.  What a PITA!  So, I resorted back to  What a delightful experience!  I cut the list that I had painstaking loaded into the Safeway site and pasted it right into the Peapod express shop list and was done my shopping in no time!  And, I am getting it tomorrow evening for a delivery fee of only $6.95 compared to having to wait until Tuesday and pay $12.95 for Safeway - forget about it!!!  In addition, with some savvy shopping and couponing, I saved $14 at Peapod - more than enough to cover my $6.95 investment of the delivery fee.  That included signing up for their direct check (debits right from your checking account) which saved me $5 on this trip and another $1 on this order as well as all subsequent orders.  All in all - skip Safeway, stick with Peapod!

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